Breakthrough treatment for baldness

MyHair: A breakthrough treatment for male or female baldness.

Male and female balding are both very upsetting issues which directly harm the quality if life. Among women, the phenomenon is very unaesthetic and it greatly projects on the feminine aspect and on women’s self-confidence. When it comes to male baldness, although it is more "acceptable" to see a bald men, it still doesn’t mean that it’s easy to accept a reality in which you are prematurely forced to say farewell to your hair.

Tips and innovations in aesthetic medicine

Male and female balding are both very upsetting issues which directly harm the quality if life. 

Rejuvenation of the back of hand

When we think about medical aesthetics we usually think about the face and only afterwards about the body, when the back of the hand is not one of the areas which are taken into account. Unlike what we might imagine, the area of the back of the hand is very prominent and it is exposed to climate changes as well as to contact with diverse substances. It is also well affected by aging damages which do not omit any person and any organ in the human body.

Hyperhidrosis treatments

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body generates, in general or in a focused manner, excessive secretion of sweat. Since this condition is inherently subjective, it was numerically defined – for research purposes – as a condition in which the quantity of sweat generated exceeds 100mg during 5 minutes from a single armpit. 


Peeling means chemical skin peelings (chemical peels). In these treatments, chemical solutions are used in order to improve and smooth the skin’s texture. The result is obtained by removing the upper layers which were damaged. The most demanded treatments are facial treatments, but they can also be performed on the chest cleavage, upper limbs or other areas as needed.



Mesotherapy is a medical treatment method that was developed in France in 1952. Mesotherapy was publicized to physicians for the purpose of treating a variety of medical problems such as: neurological diseases, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, treatment of pain, migraine headaches and more. The success of these treatments has introduced mesotherapy into the field of aesthetic medicine.

Wrinkle filling

At some point in life you are exposed to the aging processes in your body. It begins with a smile which leaves behind a bitter line and with time almost every facial expression leaves its impression on your face, whether you want it or not. The expression of the symptoms of aging vary from person to person and it certainly contains within it genetic aspects as well. Either way, it is difficult for all of us to accept the physiological changes in our bodies, even more so when they're not very flattering. Wrinkles, as stated, constitute the most prominent way to remind us that we got older, sometimes a little faster than we desired.

Acne scars

I wonder what people who suffered from acne did some decades ago. I am quite sure it greatly harmed their life quality. Acne, during its “activity period”, creates a purulent unaesthetic appearance which damages the facial skin and even worse, leaves scars as souvenirs. Fortunately, medical aesthetics has introduced many innovations and aesthetic treatments, among them peelings, which were found to be very effective for treating acne scars.